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Uzbek language – History

Uzbek - one of the Turkic languages. Distributed mainly in Uzbekistan (the official language of the country), partly in other Central Asian states of the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China. Uzbek language - one of the largest Turkic languages ​​together with Turkish and Azerbaijani.

Says most large centers of population of Uzbeks (Tashkent, Fergana, Karshi, Samarkand, Bukhara and Turkestan, Chimkent) refer to Karluk, or south-eastern group of Turkic languages; on this basis, it is accepted to, with the Uighur and Uzbek language as a whole. However, as a part of the modern Uzbek, and the group says there pertaining to Kipchak group (they are spread throughout the country, as well as in other republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan); Speaking of Khorezm and some adjacent areas in the north-west of the country (and the two said in a Kazakhstan) belong to the group of Oguz.

In phonetics, grammar and vocabulary of Uzbek strong influence of the Persian language; in the lexicon, there are also many Arab and Russian borrowings.

Uzbek language has a long written tradition in the form of Central Asian Turkic language (Chagatai or old Uzbek), formed in 15-16 centuries. Karluk-based Uighur dialects Maverannahr and became an official language in the State of Timur.

Old Uzbek language has been influenced by the literary language Karakhanid State (11-12 centuries .; so-called Qarakhanid-Uigur), Khorezm Karluk-literary language of the valley of the Syr Darya (12-14 centuries .; also known as Khorezm-Turkic language) and Persian literature . The heyday of Turkic literature in Central Asia relates to 15-16 centuries .; peak of poetry in Old Uzbek language - creativity Ali Sher Navoi (1441-1501, sometimes called the language of this period sredneuzbekskim).

The modern literary Uzbek language was formed on the basis of the Fergana-Tashkent group says. Writing in the Uzbek language existed before 1930 in Arabic, in 1930-1939 based on the Latin, since 1939 - on the basis of Russian alphabet with some additional letters.

On the Uzbek created various original literature. In Uzbek schools it is taught all general subjects; expanding its use in higher education; Uzbek in Russian schools is taught as a subject.

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