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Hungarian language – History

The Hungarian language belongs to the Ugric branch of the Finno-Ugric family of languages.

The Hungarian language is common in Hungary (more than 10 million. People, 98% of the population), Romania (according to various estimates - from 1.7 to 3 million.), About 600 thousand. Hungarians living in Slovakia, about 450 thousand. In Yugoslavia (Vojvodina), tens of thousands - in Austria. In the former USSR - 171.4 thous., Mainly in the Carpathians. The total number of carriers of the Hungarian language is estimated at 14.5 million. Man; is the most common of all Ugric languages.

In today's Hungarian decided to allocate eight dialects, which are classified mainly on the phonetic principle.

Going to the territory of modern Hungary, provengerskie tribes come into contact with the Turkic, Iranian, Slavic and others. Tribes, which is reflected in the vocabulary of the Hungarian language.

They left their mark and the words Caucasian and Byzantine-Greek origin. After "finding homeland" Hungarian language falls under the German cultural and linguistic influence. No less than entered in the Hungarian language and the Latin borrowings.

Hungarian language - most of the old written all the Finno-Ugric languages.

In 1541 it published the first Hungarian printed book - the famous translation of the "New Testament", made by Janos Sylvester.

Adopted the following periodization of Hungarian language:

1) starovengersky - 10 in. up to 1526;

2) srednevengersky - from 1526 to 1772 (before the Enlightenment);

3) novovengersky - from 1772 to the present day.

Modern Hungarian language, on the one hand, retains the features that are typical of other Finno-Ugric languages, and on the other - has a number of features unique to that language.

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