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Dari language – History

Dari (Afghan language Dari), Pashto, along with the official language of Afghanistan and, like the closely related Persian and Tajik language goes back to the classical Persian-Tajik literature (9-15 cc.), Who at that time was a "court of Persia," as it was the language of the court, the nobility, politics and literature, science and law at the time. Revival of the old term Afghans sought to emphasize their direct link with the language of the classical Persian-Tajik literature of 10-16 centuries.

Dari has a common history with the Tajik and Persian, and dates back to the Middle Persian and ancient Persian. Researchers previously called Dari Persian Kabul (Persian-Kabul), or simply Kabul Afghan-Persian, Persian-Kabul, Kabul-Tajik.

Distributed Dari, mainly in the central, northern and western provinces of Afghanistan.

For about 4 million. Man Dari language in its various dialectal variants of a native, but they hold many other peoples of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The number of speakers it reaches 9-10 million.

Dari is part of the south-western group of the Iranian languages. Writing Dari is based on the Arabic script. At the heart of the literary dialect of Dari is Kabul (Kabul).

Two groups of dialects:

1) said areas of Herat, Logar, Gardez and Hazarajat, are close dialects of the north-eastern Iran;

2) said Badakhshan Pandzhera, and Kohistan district of Kabul, have many similarities with the southern dialects of the Tajik language.

In Dari significant body of borrowings from the Arabic language. Great influence on the Dari Pashto language has, with whom he has long been in close contact. This is especially noticeable in the vocabulary and phonetics.


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