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Bulgarian language – History

Bulgaria - the state language of the Republic of Bulgaria, which is spoken by most people in this country. Together with Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian and Macedonian languages ​​included in the subgroup of South Slavic languages.

More than 11 million. Bulgarian language media reside in Bulgaria and the adjacent territories of Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia and Macedonia, as well as in the areas of Dobrogea and bow in Romania; a number of speakers living in Ukraine and Moldova.

The origin of the ethnonym "Bulgarian" is associated with the name of the Turkic tribe of the Bulgars. In 680 AD Bulgars subjugated the Slavic population in what is now north-eastern Bulgaria, but quickly assimilated by the Slavs, leaving a trace in Bulgarian language only in a small number of Turkisms.

In the history of the Bulgarian language divided into three periods:

• Old Bulgarian, very close to the Old Slavonic (10-11 cc.)

• srednebolgarsky (12-15 cc.)

• novobolgarsky (ranging from 16 in.).

Formation of the contemporary literary Bulgarian language belongs to the 1820-1830-th year, when there is interest in the problems of public education; its origins lie in the national revival of the second half of the 18th century., was marked by the publication in 1762 of the Slavonic-Bulgarian History of Paisii Hilandar.

Five centuries of Ottoman domination, which ended only in 1878, the Byzantine cultural heritage, the influence of Russia, France and Germany in the 19th century led to the fact that the vocabulary of the modern Bulgarian language is replete with borrowings from Turkish, Greek, Russian, French and German. There are also borrowing from the Romanian, Italian and Albanian.

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