The Order Form (brief, form) is used by Minfociv company to obtain information about your goals, objectives and wishes.

For the selection of an interpreter, the most suited to your requirements and expectations, please answer the questions given below. We guarantee the confidentiality of all information.

Remember! The extent to which the task will be detailed and clearly set before the executor (an interpreter) directly affects the final result.

1. Customer Information

2. Information about the event

Technical support, field work on the site, business negotiations, private visit, etc.
How many foreign people an interpreter will work with
Out of 10
Relevant information in customer's opinion

3. Information about language assistance of the event

Consecutive, simultaneous, oral translation
Including additional, if such are planned
Required skills, work experience...)
Beginning and end of the working day
Will an interpreter accompany foreign guests (and translate) during lunch?
If the venue of the event is remoted one

Thank you for the completed order form (a brief one). It would be glad to cooperate!