The Order Form (brief, form) is used by Minfociv company to obtain information about your goals, objectives and wishes so that we can make the correct formulation of problems before the tours organizers team and objectively calculate the cost of the future trip.

Remember! The extent to which the task will be detailed and clearly set before the executor directly affects the quality of the result, deadlines as well as the piece of mind of the parties in the course of work - a travel.

If you have any questions about the order form we will gladly help you in filling out the form. Please, fill out the form for the organization of the trip as fully as possible.

1. Customer Information

2. General information

3. The purpose of the trip (in details)

4. Type of accommodation

Hotel, apartment, etc.
Category, class, etc.

5. Type of vehicle

Plane, bus, car, etc.
Services of driver, etc.

6. Interpreter services

7. Specialist services

Doctor, lawyer, etc.

8. Additional services

Excursions, holidays, etc.

Thank you for the completed order form (a brief one). It would be glad to cooperate!